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Brother Zorn is an old time Independent Baptist preacher who still believes and preaches the King James Bible. Saved and then called to preach at the age of 18, Brother Zorn has traveled this great country preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is an old time preaching ministry with the emphasis on seeing souls and lives saved and changed by the power of God, and to also strengthen and encourage the church. Our goal is to "excel to the edifying of the church"(1.Corinthians 14:12).

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Title Scripture Date Series
There Is Always Hope Jeremiah 18:7-12 2019-05-22 General Topics
It's Time To Dig Deep Luke 6:46-49 2019-05-21 General Topics
Thank God, I'm Free Leviticus 14:1 2019-05-20 General Topics
Daniel's Faithfulness Daniel 6:1-4 2015-11-18 General Topics
Believing God, And Getting Blowed Away Acts 27:20-25 2015-11-17 General Topics
Faith Under Fire 1 Peter 1:7 2015-11-16 General Topics
Buried Our Busy Bee At Bethel Genesis 35:1-8 2015-11-15 General Topics
The Woman That Got A Divorce From The Devil Luke 13:10-17 2015-11-15 General Topics
Viewing Perspectives Numbers 13:31-33 2015-05-07 General Topics
Where Is the Lamb? Genesis 22:1-8 2015-05-06 General Topics
Journey Of Trust Ruth 2:10-12 2015-05-05 General Topics
He Careth For You 1 Peter 5:7 2015-05-04 General Topics
The Fearful Place Isaiah 33:10-14 2014-05-08 General Topics
Who Will Carry The Mail? COM_SERMONSPEAKER_BOOK_0 2014-05-07 General Topics
Are You A Star? COM_SERMONSPEAKER_BOOK_0 2014-05-06 General Topics
I Will Have Mercy COM_SERMONSPEAKER_BOOK_0 2014-05-05 General Topics
Worship That Works Matt 15:1-9, 22-25 2014-05-09 General Topics
Title Description
General Topics Topics of general interest.